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A questionnaire on our "schedule a tour" page is required before registering.


Prospective parents,

Before choosing our program, please consider the following:


Our environment is a child-led and nature based. We are not an institution type of school and our primary focus is not academics. Although academics are taught, we mainly focus on bringing children and families back to what is most important in the young years of life. The goal of our program is to socialize the children and grow their love for community and school type environment. Society has changed what preschool should be. It has molded parents into thinking what standard their child should be meeting. Children do not need this type of pressure at such a young age. They need happiness, support, playtime, and friends. We do not perform any daily reports, parent conferences, or progress reports. Preschool should be a time for children to develop their own personal growth and form an environment belonging to them. Our program leads with the Montessori method, using hands on learning and play. We allow children freedom of choice, movement, and an abundance of outdoor time. Our children get to play in the mud, rain, sun, and water. They get to do yoga under the trees, dance, and sing. We allow them to get dirty, experiment, play, and have fun! If you choose our program, these values should be important to you as well. 

R e g i s t r a t i o n   D o c u m e n t s

Read over entire parent handbook before enrolling. Print & sign last page only and bring into school along with other forms.

If your child is staying full day,
please click on this link.

Print and complete All forms below.
Bring in complete papers on first day.

-to be completed by doctor
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